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Favela Series – Dionisio Gonzalez

Posted in Afbraak - Afval - Degradatie by somorjaichristina on november 5, 2009

Afbeelding 4

Afbeelding 3

Dionisio Gonzalez spent a great deal of time documenting the favelas of Brazil’s two largest cities. He brings a breath of fresh air to the story, commenting on the problem with beauty. His ‘An Assembles City” series superimposes photos of shantytowns, which portray the awkward aesthetics of poverty, with images of modern comtemporar buildings with geometric forms. The result  is an intriguing blend of colors and textures, depicting a contrasting duality that is so familiar to those who live in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

However, his work does not end with the photographic montages. He is also trying to transform the modern buildings into reality.In contrast to most architects and urban planners, who aim to impose a logical urban order on the favelas through their work, Dionisio González attempts to extend and improve the existing structures in line with the needs of the inhabitants, through constructive alternatives.”


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